Hi there!

My name is Ronaldo, I was born in Brazil(living here in the moment), graduated in design in 2010, worked in the area for 7 years. Worked with on-line and off-line media, from post to facebook to outdoors, but always felt that something was missing and then I started to study game development, made some really small projects e released a game entirely by me (ok, everything but sound was done by me), gamedesign, illustrations, animations, programming and the launch trailer of the game called Cute Pet Balloons, that took me 2 years in development, you can check the game here. After the realease of the game I was still working with design, mainly with editorial, with a gastronomy mag, and made some books too, but I was always in love with animation, illustration and then I started to move to Motion design where I am today, praticing everyday to sharpen my skill and be a better professional. Feel free to contact me here 🙂

After Effects
Toon Boom
Cinema 4D
Adobe Animate